+ Customers

Additional functionality: Customers / Users

We'll build your customer / client / user database structure according to your specifications:

  • general customer data
  • customer ratings
  • pricing groups
  • history
  • statistics
  • interfaces to external software (CRM)

In the admin part of your website you can do all your customer data maintenance.

Customer / client / user management:

  • list (sort, filter, search)
  • create, edit, delete
  • import, export data

In the public section of your website:

  • customer ("user") link
  • sign up (secured with Google reCAPTCHA)
  • log in with password or social network account
  • log out
  • edit account details
  • list orders (requires ordering system)
  • use orders for re-order (requires ordering system)

Questions? Just in English, Thai or German, we can build the perfect website for your business.