About Us

We are based in the city of Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.



We set up a computer programming company in Chiang Mai, building commercial software in C++ for MS Windows and Linux operating systems.

Our programmers came from local vocational schools.

In late 1995 the Internet arrived; we got our first text-based account.


The "World Wide Web" arrived in Chiang Mai. We started learning HTML, CGI, PHP and hired artwork staff.


We started building websites and registered our domain name "WebCatalogue.com".

(Check out the registry date of www.whois.com/whois/webcatalogue.com).

There were no open source databases available that could store images, sounds, videos etc, so we built our own object oriented database to store product data and images / sounds (for musical instruments etc), as well as orders and customer data online.

Some of our database installations did run for 20+ years, all maintenance and problem free.

Those were the days of screeching modems and dropped dial-up connections, and our database was built to handle that.


We started building e-commerce websites for local export companies.

These were mostly business-to-business websites in catalogue format with a quotation system, since prices vary a lot depending on country and purchase volume.

Our WebCatalogue format was very popular, with our shopping cart system used for price quotations, custom made payment gateways to all local banks and the ability to use the system offline in showrooms (Internet was still a slow dial-up affair).

1999 - 2020

Our website business was going quite well, however towards 2010 some of our customers started moving to Facebook or set up their own websites after their children graduated from university.

Internet providers were giving away free simple website builders and shopping carts to retain customers.

With the popularity of mobile phones (responsive web design) and more complicated website technologies (Javascript, AJAX, CSS etc) we found an interesting niche market in custom website building.

Internet connectivity, as well as programming and database technology had also matured in the meantime, and we moved to Django (publishing system) and PostgreSQL (database), which are also used by Instagram, Youtube etc.

Programming changed from C++ to Python, and we finally retired our trusty old object-oriented database.

2020 - 2022

Covid brought a lot of challenges with lockdowns, supply chain disruptions and work-from-home.

We set up an elaborate home office at our private house, while our programming / artwork staff works from their homes.

After a short transition period we found this to be working really well, and we'll keep this format for the foreseeable future.

Our Team:

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Address: 66/2 Moo 3, T.Muang Gaew, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai 50180 Thailand

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Technical details of the software we're using can be found here.

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