What's Under The Hood

Here is a list of software and packages we use for our WebCatalogue System:


"The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines." (djangoproject.com)

Web publishing system programmed in Python, has been used to build:

  • YouTube, Instagram
  • Spotify, Dropbox
  • National Geographic
  • The New York Post
  • Pinterest
  • Clubhouse
  • ...and many more


"The powerful CMS for modern websites." (wagtail.org)

Content management system built on top of Django, adds important improvements, used by:

  • NASA for the openNasaOpen Data portal and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory website
  • UK's National Health Service nhs.uk, Peace Corps
  • blog.google, about.google, twilio.com
  • ...and many more


"Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning." (www.python.org)

  • programming language
  • used to build Django and Wagtail
  • "Programming Language of the Year" in 2007, 2010, 2018, and 2020.


"The World's Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database". (www.postgresql.org)

  • industrial strength database
  • fully scalable
  • used by Instagram, Amazon, Microsoft etc.


"Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites." (getbootstrap.com)

  • HTML / CSS / Javascript library
  • for responsive web pages phone / desktop

International web hosting companies

  • server farm
  • virtual computers
  • Ubuntu - Linux operating system
  • Nginx - web server / load balancer
  • goAccess log analyser
  • LetsEncrypt certificates for secure webssite traffic (https)
  • Celery - asynchronous task queue
  • RabbitMQ - message broker to send customers' orders
  • PostgreSQL database cluster
  • static media server with cacheing for high speed media delivery
  • external email sending service for emailing orders


  • Umami analytics
  • Google analytics
  • sitemap generator for search engines submissions
  • IndexNow.org automatic search engine push notifications for page changes

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